Equipment Pilates uses uniquely designed equipment and resistance against springs and pulleys to support your body as you work through a full range-of-motion.

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Pinnacle Pilates is a premier studio located in Canton, MI where the contemporary Pilates style and calming music provide a relaxing atmosphere. The environment allows your mind and body to focus on learning the method of exercise to reach your goals. Pinnacle Pilates offers individual and small group instruction for all levels of fitness. Pilates emphasizes movement awareness and efficient body mechanics; helping you gain strength where weak, flexibility where tight, and stability to your core musculature to provide ease of movement. Escape to our studio to nourish your mind and body!
See how pilates has changed the lives of our clients by reading our testimonials. 
Arc Barell
Hundred/ With Circle / Core Strength Lengthen

First visit ONLY $35
Injuries, etc. Arm Jumps
Adduction, Short Spine, Obliques The Edge
Abdominal and Shoulder Strength Mermaid
Pinnacle Pilates Studio in Canton, MI serves the western suburbs and surrounding areas of metro Detroit including: Canton, Plymouth, Northville, Novi, Belleville, Westland, Livonia and Ypsilanti.
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